6: Discover Flores
pool at Kuta resort

Day 1 : Arrival

Arrival in Bali - pick up from airport by our car to transfer you to the hotel. This hotel is very close to the beach in the centre of Kuta..

Day 2 : Relax day

This day is to acclimatize and relax...

Day 3 : Relax and explore day

Another relax day to make sure that you are well rested and acclimatized before going to Flores.

view from resort near Labuan Bajo

Day 4 : To Flores - Labuan Bajo

You will be transferred to the airport by our car around 11am; the flight leaves early afternoon.
Around 3pm you arrive in Labuan Bajo where a car from the hotel takes you to your destination.
The hotel is situated at the sea just outside Labuan Bajo.
There is transport available to take you to the city centre and back.

Labuan Bajo bay

Day 5 : Diving North Komodo

After breakfast you will go by car to the dive operator and start your first day of boat diving including soft drinks and lunch on board.
Day trips to the dive sites near Labuan Bajo takes between 45 minutes and 2 hours depending on the location. You will be back in the afternoon.
This example is based on day trip diving around North Komodo, but we can also arrange a 3 or 4 days dive safari where you will be diving West of Flores, the Komodo dive sites.

Komodo dragon - Varanus komodoensis

Day 6 : Diving and visit the Dragons

After an early breakfast you will go by boat to Komodo island and make 2 dives during this trip.
You will have a guided tour around Komodo island; do not forget your camera.
Arrival time Labuan Bajo harbour will be around 5pm where your transport is waiting to bring you back to the hotel.

Day 7 : Last day diving North Komodo

After breakfast you will be off to the harbour to do your last day of diving here.

Labuan Bajo bay

Day 8 : Relax day Labuan Bajo

This day you can prepare for your 4 days land tour from Labuan Bajo to Maumere.
You want to be sure you have enough cash to carry around during this tour; hotel and breakfast and the tour itself are included, but not drinks, lunch and dinner expenses.
There are ATM's in Labuan Bajo.

Day 9 : 4-day land tour Flores

After breakfast pick-up by the guide with car to start your overland tour.
The first day your trip is from Labuan Bajo, via scenery landscapes and traditional villages, to Ruteng where you spend the night in a hotel (former monastery).

spiderweb rice fields

Day 10 : Ruteng to Bajawa

After breakfast you will first make a stop at lake Ranamese and via Aimere to Bajawa. Aimere is famous for Arak (palm wine) production.
After lunch in Bajawa you will visit the hot springs near So'a and take a bath there.
You will spend the night in Bajawa.

2 of the 3 Kelimutu crater lakes

Day 11 : Bajawa to Moni

During your tour you will pass the blue stone beach from Penggajawa to Moni where you spend the night.
You will visit, either very early in the morning or during the day, the Kelimutu crater lakes, famous for their 3 different colours.

Day 12 : Moni to Maumere

Depending on the time you leave you will arrive in the afternoon at your dive resort in Waiara at the beach.
You will stay here for 5 nights in a beach front suite. This dive resort has no pool, but the sea is just out there.

resort beach bar

Day 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 : Diving Maumere bay

The dive centre is in the resort so you can decide on the schedule together with the dive master for the coming 3 days. You will make 2 boat dives per day.
The hotel is situated on a long stretch of beach.

Day 17 : Maumere Flores - to Bali

The car from he resort will bring you to the airport and you will arrive in Bali at 9.40am where you will be picked up by our driver to take you to your hotel in Sanur at the beach.

pool at the resort

Day 18 : Last day Sanur beach

Relax and enjoy Sanur beach.

Day 19 : Departure day

Our driver will pick you up to take you to the airport.

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We have created this example holiday in 2012. Now August 2018 - Flores is attracting more tourisme and the surroundings of Labuan Bajo are more crowded. Especially during the high-season periods: end June-July-August and half December until half January.