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Diving around Bali

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Although Bali is known in the world as a general holiday destination because of it's beautiful landscape, great waves for surfing, colourful culture and friendly people, it is a great dive destination as well.
Diving along the south shores of Bali is not particularly good because of the big waves coming in from the Indian Ocean which leaves the bottom of the sea mostly sandy.
Going around the eastern shore towards the north west of Bali you'll encounter world class dive sites! And not only that but easily accessible as well.

When we first came to Bali in the 1980's there were hardly any decent roads; one suffered bone-jarring hours in a car to reach the distant dive sites on the East coast.

Big-eye trevally - Caranx sexfasciatus

All that has changed with the road improvements in the last two decades and it is now effortless to get from one side of the island to the other.
As you can see on this website, all the dive sites on the east coast are within a 2 hour drive from each other, making it attractive for divers and non-divers to have the best of both worlds: diving AND sightseeing, see More about Bali.

Even though the dive sites - except for Pemuteran and Menjangan - are relatively close to each other, it is not advisable to do diving as a day trip from the south of Bali.
Those who do, will endure the morning traffic out of town and end up with all the other day divers, arriving at the same dive sites at the same time making the whole experience less pleasant.

Plus you would miss out on the night dive opportunities, which are great because of the close proximity to the shore.
More importantly, staying overnight at the different places with their dives sites give you the opportunity to escape the tourist environment and explore and enjoy some interesting parts of the real Bali....

Dive boat

The beach-loving crowd enjoys the sandy beaches in the south of Bali. The rest of the island, in the coastal areas and at the dive sites, are mostly volcanic sand and boulders.
One exception is Nusa Lembongan which combines both white sand and diving.

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