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Custom made dive holidays around Indonesia

Bottles-Up Diving specializes in custom made dive holidays around Indonesia, but these holidays can offer much more than only diving. This is the reason we also have many guests who are not divers, but who want to explore Indonesia.
Each island in this archipelago has its unique history, nature and culture to offer. We can arrange many different holidays suitable for anyone who wants to discover Indonesia.
To get an idea which islands you can visit besides Bali visit our Diving beyond Bali page.

On this page you'll find 6 example holidays with diving, climbing, sightseeing in Bali, Lombok and Flores. There is always the possibility of a custom made holiday around Bali, Lombok, Flores, Sulawesie or anywhere else in this huge Indonesian archipelago!

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Our aim is to organize a complete holiday for you based upon your ideas and wishes.
Often we meet divers traveling exclusively with their dive buddies.
They leave their non-diver partner(s) behind figuring there is nothing to do while they are out diving.
Well that is not necessary, because the Indonesian archipelago has much more to offer; beaches, colourful temples and dances, ceremonies and villages, unspoiled jungle and mountains to explore.
You can even bring your children with you and leave them in the care of a nanny, so mom and or dad can go for a dive. All can be arranged.

Whether it will be only diving, only sightseeing or any combination involving any of the islands mentioned on this website, our job is to tailor your holiday exactly to your needs.
So you don't join a group but will travel, dive, sleep and eat wherever you want with whomever you want.
For inspiration scroll down and have a look at the 6 holidays we created!

Contact us

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The last menu option, contact us, contains an enquiry-form. Here you can indicate what you like to do during your holiday and send this to us.
From there, through two-way communication, we hopefully come to a final holiday schedule.

We made a rather comprehensive website which is far from complete but will give you, we like to think, enough inspiration to get you going.
We know what we are talking about because we have been to all of these places ourselves...

For the diving we will recommend to you only the high quality dive-operators who follow the safe and eco friendly diving rules.
We regularly travel around to check if all our standards are still maintained.

“Will this be very expensive...?”

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You hardly pay more than if you would book the whole holiday yourself. That's why we don't mind sharing the information with you.
The benefits for you on the other hand will be that up to the moment of traveling, even if you are on the way, we can adjust your plans where possible and whenever necessary.
We might even join you for a while if you decide to do a dive course since we are both PADI-qualified dive instructors. Unless of course you want to do that with someone else; it's all up to you to decide.

“How does a holiday like this look like...?”

To get an idea we pre-made 6 example holidays for you where we put in different Indonesian islands.
You can actually book one of those example holidays or use them as building blocks to create your holiday; everything is possible.
When you are interested in one of these holidays or a custom made one please let us know via our contact page.

Holiday examples: